Stoney Creek Inn, our reunion headquarters
Stoney Creek Inn, our reunion headquarters
                                 *Reunion 2005, St Joseph, Missouri*

In August of 2005, cousins attended St Joseph Missouri for the 4th Robidoux family reunion. The event was hosted by the St. Joseph Historical Society who always put together a great reunion.  Unfortunately, the decision was made that no further reunions will be hosted in Missouri.  Many thanks to the members of the Historical Soceity and Mr Clyde Weeks for their hard work in providing us with a memorable time!
Getting ready to follow Clyde Rabideau on a site seeing tour of spots of interest.
Getting ready to follow Clyde Rabideau on a site seeing tour of spots of interest.
Visiting the town of White Cloud, Kansas
Visiting the town of White Cloud, Kansas
The Sac and Fox Museum in Kansas
The Sac and Fox Museum in Kansas
tracking down the site of a rock where Michel Robidoux scratched his name
tracking down the site of a rock where Michel Robidoux scratched his name
Michel's name, highlighted with a bit of chalk to make it easier to read.
Michel's name, highlighted with a bit of chalk to make it easier to read.
Antione Robidoux - rock inscription in Utah, USA. Photo taken 9/6/2006.    Antoine Robidoux - basculez l'inscription en

Robidoux's of the West

With the amount of travelling the Robidoux brothers did in their businesses,  it is not surprising that we find references to them in the "signatures" they left behind on whatever surface they deemed fit.  Apart from being a fantastic living testament to them, it is also of historical importance in that it allows historians to track their movements and provide a timeline of events in their lives.

Avec la quantité de déplacement les frères de Robidoux a fait dans leurs entreprises, il n'étonne pas que nous trouvons des références à elles dans les "signatures" ils à gauche derrière sur quelque surface ils aient considéré l'ajustement. Indépendamment d'être un testament vivant fantastique à eux, il est également d'importance historique parce qu'il permet à des historiens de dépister leurs mouvements et de fournir une chronologie des événements en leurs vies
Ralph Roubdioux and his wife Marie Roubdioux - Alabama/  Ralph Roubdioux et son mari Marie Roubdioux Alabama

Family Photos

The Robidoux family (however you spell it!)  in all their glory!!!


St Joseph Reunion, 2000

The second Robidoux Reunion was held in St Joseph Missouri in August of 2000.  It fell during the birthday of Joseph Robidoux, so the event was celebrated by a trip to his burial site and the placement of a wreath by some of his descendants. 
Letter from Governor Schwarzenegger. I had hoped to be able to have this displayed in our meeting room, but it did not a

Reunion 2008, California

to view further photos on the event, please visit cousin Mike Rubidoux's site at:
Arrival brunch

Reunion 2003, Montreal, Canada

Our third family reunion was hosted by RANA in Montreal, Canada on August 17, 18 & 19. The event took place at the Holiday Inn in Longueuil, Quebec.
Pierre Robidoux dit Desgrands. Son of Joseph (7D2h1b4) and Christine Lamontagne. He was born June 29, 1866 in St David,

Robidoux dit Desgrands

Mysteries. Every family has them, and our Robidoux family is certainly no exception. One has only to visit the Robidoux message boards on or Familytree maker and you will find dozens of queries from people seeking help in locating information on a Robidoux connection. 

As extensive as our knowledge of the family is, there are branches of the family who have individuals we have lost track of, and some simply, who  have just disappeared.  

In reading some of those emails, I recently found a branch of the family who apart from the parents and children being listed in Clyde's genealogy, we had no further descendant information on.  Interestingly enough, the family seems to have migrated to Rhode Island where they apparently took on the name "Desgrands" which had at some point been the "dit" name for this family.  In correspondance with these cousins, we now have updated family information and photos.  

Those wishing to welcome our new cousin back to the family, please contact Richard Allard at

Richard's family line:

Richard Arthur

Cecile Lumina Desgrands m. Arthur Alfred Allard, Albion, Rhode Island

Marie Leonide Desgrand m. Dalfice Adelard Gagne, Albion, Rhode Island

Pierre Desgrands dit Robidoux m. Justine Lemire. Of their sixteen children only six lived to adulthood.

Joseph Robidoux  (7D2h1b4) m. Christine Lamontagne, April 08, 1845 in St Aime, Quebec

Francois Regis Robidoux (6D2h1b) m. Therese Lambert, May 20, 1816 in Yamska, Quebec

Antoine Robidoux (5D2h1) m. Josette Godin, Jan 13, 1783 in Yamaska, Quebec

Antoine Robidou (4D2h) m. Marguerite Gane, Feb 19, 1759 in Longueuil, Quebec

Joseph Robidou (3D2(2) m. #2 Louise Robert, Aug 01, 1735, in LaPrairie, Quebec

Guillaume Robidou (2D) m. Francoise Guerin, June 11, 1697, in Montreal, Quebec

Andre Robidou dit L'Espagnol, m. Jeanne Denote, May 16, 1667, Quebec City, Quebec

Mystères. Chaque famille s les, et notre famille de Robidoux n'est certainement aucune exception. On a visiter seulement les panneaux de message de Robidoux sur ou le fabricant et vous de Familytree trouverez des douzaines de questions des personnes voyant l'aide en localisant l'information sur un raccordement de Robidoux. 

Aussi étendu que notre connaissance de la famille est, il y a des branches de la famille qui ont des individus que nous avons perdu la voie de, et de certains simplement, qui ont juste disparu.

 En lisant certains de ces email, j'ai récemment trouvé une branche de la famille sur qui indépendamment des parents et des enfants étant énumérés en généalogie de Clyde, nous n'avons eu aucune autre information de descendant. Assez intéressant, la famille semble avoir émigré à île de Rhode où ils ont apparemment pris sur le nommé "Desgrands" qui a eu à un certain point été le nom de "dit" pour cette famille. Dans le correspondance avec ces cousins, nous maintenant avons mis à jour l'information et des photos de famille. 

Ceux qui souhaitent accueillir notre nouveau cousin de nouveau à la famille, contactent svp Richard Allard à

Ligne de la famille de Richard : 

Richard Arthur 

Cecile Lumina Desgrands m.  Arthur Alfred Allard, Albion, Rhode Island

Marie Leonide Desgrands m.  Dalfice Adelard Gagne, Albion, Rhode Island

Pierre Robidoux dit Desgrands m.  Justine Lemire . De leurs seize enfants seulement six vécus à l'âge adulte. 

Joseph Robidoux (7D2h1b4) m. Christine Lamontagne, Avril 08, 1845 (7D2h1b4) dans St Aime, Québec

Francois Regis Robioux (6D2h1b) m. Therese Lambert, Mai 20, 1816  dans Yamska, Québec

Antoine Robidoux (5D2h1) m.  Josette Godin, Janv. 13, 1783 dans Yamaska, Québec 

Antoine Robidou (4D2h) m. Marguerite Gane  Fév. 19, 1759 dans Longueuil, Québec 

Joseph Robidou (3D2(2) m. #2 Louise Robert, Août 01, 1735, dans LaPrairie, Québec 

Guillaume Robidou (2D) m. Francoise Guerin, Juin 11, 1697 à Montréal, Québec

Andre Robidou (1) dit L'Espagnol, m. Jeanne Denote, Mai 16, 1667, ville du Québec, Québec

[Brule Delegation consisting of: (standing L to R) Agent Pollock or Major Andrus; Louis Roubedeaux (interpreter); (seate

Francois Robidoux descendants

Francois Robidoux (6D2a1c) was the third son born to Joseph Robidoux5D2a1) and his wife Catherine Rollet. He was born September 24, 1788 in St Louis, Missouri, and like his brothers, took up the family business of fur trading and trapping. Francois and his wife had five children, though we only have descendants listed for his son, Sylvester or Joseph Silko. 

Louis Robideaux (8D2a1cd4a) was the son of Sylvester Roubidoux, also known as Joseph Silko. His grandfather was Francois Robidoux (6D2a1c), brother to Joseph (founder of St Joe's), Isidore, Antoine, Louis and Michel.

Louis is known for being the official interpreter for the United States on the Rosebud reservation, and also was a captain of the Indian police.  

From his three marriages, Louis produced thirteen children, one of the more famous being Katie, daughter of his wife Adelia Blunt Arrow. Her photograph was taken for a pictorial history of the Sioux by John A. Anderson, called The Sioux of the Rosebud.
Monument of Joseph Robidoux (6E3b4g) and his wife Catherine Lemire. Included on monument is Joseph's son, also Joseph (

Robidoux's of St Constant, Quebec

This featured branch of the family have their origins in St Constant, Quebec. The family line originates with Andre's son Joseph (2E) and his wife Jeanne Seguin. Their son Joseph (3E3) born March 9, 1706 in LaPrairie, Quebec, married Marie Anne Mesny. They had a son Augustin (4E3b) born August 6, 1731 in Longeuil, Quebec, who married three times and had twenty-seven children. . .it is from his son from his second marriage to Marguerite Barette, also Augustin (5E35b), born December 16, 1760 in St Constant, that we can trace the first origins of the family in this particular area. Augustin married Marguerite Demers in St Constant on June 7, 1790. Their son Joseph (6E3b4g) married twice, but had children only from his first wife, Catherine Lemire.  Their son Joseph (7E3b4g1) married Anastasie Marcil on June 8, 1846 in St Isidore, Quebec, but most of the fifteen children born to the couple were born in St Constant.  Many of our Robideaux cousins from the Minnesota area are related through Joseph's brother Magloire Robidoux who married Madeleine Demers, and their twelve children, all born in Minnesota, USA.  

Azilda Robidoux Colpron (8E3b4g1h) was born July 05, 1857 in St Constant and married Charles Colpron October 26, 1875 in St Constant.  Her brother Emery Robidoux, (8E3b4g1e) was born February 11, 1853 in St Constant. He married Madeleine Barbeau on September 16, 1878 in LaPrairie, Quebec and together, the couple had nine children. As Andre Robidoux, President of L'Association des Familles Robidoux writes in their fall journal of 2006 - "During the first years of their marriage, Marie Mathilde and Emery lived at his parents"." Emery worked on his land and sold hay and grain for the horse stables of the City of Montreal. . .Unfortunately, he died in an accident on May 14, 1927. He was hit head-on with his horses by a train on one of the tracks crossing his land". 
Taken sometime 1880 to 1885. The Peter and Julia Jessmer family:    Back row left to right: Olive (Ollie), Peter Sr, Eli

Alberta Robideaus

The origins of this family line begin with Louis Robidoux (6D12b2d) who married Felicite Vivais in St Regis, Quebec in 1820. Of their children, a son Pierre (7D12b2d6), b. 1830 in Hogansburg, New York relocated to the United States with his wife. He had married Julia Jessmer on August 02, 1852 in Hogansburg, New York. Their first child was born in Seattle, Washington, followed by the first of several children in Massena, New York, North Dakota, Minnestoa and Michigan. The family eventually settled in Minnesota.  Of Peter's grandchildren, only two brothers remained in the United States, with the rest moving to Alberta, Canada. 
Aldea Robidoux (10D2h1e15a6a) daughter of Emile Charles Robidoux (9D2h1e15a6) and leonide Camire. Aldea married Oliva Cl

Descendants of Antoine Noel Robidoux

The sign gracing the hotel in Winnipeg.

Winnipeg 2011

The site for this event was St Pierre Jolys, in Winnipeg.
Front row, left to right: Florence (aka Cordelia), mother Florence (Briere), Jerry, Lizzie     Back row, left to right:

Alexandre Rabideau family of Mooers Forks, New York

Photo courtesy of cousin Dave Rabideau. Believed to have been taken  at the time of his death circa 1909.
Alexandre Rabideau (8E3e7f3c) b. Sept 16, 1855 in St Chrysostome, Quebec, married Florence Briere, May 30, 1860 in Mooers Forks, New York. They proceeded to have ten children. His lineage descends from Andre's son Joseph.