[Brule Delegation consisting of: (standing L to R) Agent Pollock or Major Andrus; Louis Roubedeaux (interpreter); (seate
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Francois Robidoux descendants

Francois Robidoux (6D2a1c) was the third son born to Joseph Robidoux5D2a1) and his wife Catherine Rollet. He was born September 24, 1788 in St Louis, Missouri, and like his brothers, took up the family business of fur trading and trapping. Francois and his wife had five children, though we only have descendants listed for his son, Sylvester or Joseph Silko. 

Louis Robideaux (8D2a1cd4a) was the son of Sylvester Roubidoux, also known as Joseph Silko. His grandfather was Francois Robidoux (6D2a1c), brother to Joseph (founder of St Joe's), Isidore, Antoine, Louis and Michel.

Louis is known for being the official interpreter for the United States on the Rosebud reservation, and also was a captain of the Indian police.  

From his three marriages, Louis produced thirteen children, one of the more famous being Katie, daughter of his wife Adelia Blunt Arrow. Her photograph was taken for a pictorial history of the Sioux by John A. Anderson, called The Sioux of the Rosebud.
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