Monument of Joseph Robidoux (6E3b4g) and his wife Catherine Lemire. Included on monument is Joseph's son, also Joseph (
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Robidoux's of St Constant, Quebec

This featured branch of the family have their origins in St Constant, Quebec. The family line originates with Andre's son Joseph (2E) and his wife Jeanne Seguin. Their son Joseph (3E3) born March 9, 1706 in LaPrairie, Quebec, married Marie Anne Mesny. They had a son Augustin (4E3b) born August 6, 1731 in Longeuil, Quebec, who married three times and had twenty-seven children. . .it is from his son from his second marriage to Marguerite Barette, also Augustin (5E35b), born December 16, 1760 in St Constant, that we can trace the first origins of the family in this particular area. Augustin married Marguerite Demers in St Constant on June 7, 1790. Their son Joseph (6E3b4g) married twice, but had children only from his first wife, Catherine Lemire.  Their son Joseph (7E3b4g1) married Anastasie Marcil on June 8, 1846 in St Isidore, Quebec, but most of the fifteen children born to the couple were born in St Constant.  Many of our Robideaux cousins from the Minnesota area are related through Joseph's brother Magloire Robidoux who married Madeleine Demers, and their twelve children, all born in Minnesota, USA.  

Azilda Robidoux Colpron (8E3b4g1h) was born July 05, 1857 in St Constant and married Charles Colpron October 26, 1875 in St Constant.  Her brother Emery Robidoux, (8E3b4g1e) was born February 11, 1853 in St Constant. He married Madeleine Barbeau on September 16, 1878 in LaPrairie, Quebec and together, the couple had nine children. As Andre Robidoux, President of L'Association des Familles Robidoux writes in their fall journal of 2006 - "During the first years of their marriage, Marie Mathilde and Emery lived at his parents"." Emery worked on his land and sold hay and grain for the horse stables of the City of Montreal. . .Unfortunately, he died in an accident on May 14, 1927. He was hit head-on with his horses by a train on one of the tracks crossing his land". 
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