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Alexander Rabideau and Florence Briere (Breyer)
Hi Everyone!

I am currently working on my family tree and sadly do not have any immediate family and so no one to ask genealogy questions. It has been a slow process thus far. My...
Last Post: Nov 6th 2016
Author: carabideau
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Rhode Island Robidoux's
Last Post: Dec 1st 2014
Author: deeppurple124
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Ignace Robidoux
Hello, does this obit belong to Ignace?
ROBEDAUX --At his home on Madeline Island, Monday, July 2, 1888, Peter Robedaux, aged 92 years. Deceased was born near Montreal, Canada, in 1796, and...
Last Post: Sep 24th 2014
Author: CT
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Joseph George Robidoux
Hi Everyone! Just found this site and I hope you can help me explore my maternal grandmother's family tree. Her father was Joseph G Robidoux. He was born in Canada 3/2/1893 and moved to North...
Last Post: Jul 28th 2014
Author: jugaroo
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Jean Baptiste Robidoux
Hello, can anyone help me with Jean Baptiste Robidoux and his family?
Last Post: Jun 25th 2014
Author: Claire
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Last Post: Jun 6th 2013
Author: Kat
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My Line
This is what I have on my line so far...I am looking for any other information or pictures on any of these people.I do have a picture of my Great Grandmother Nora Rabideau and her husband Joseph...
Last Post: Jun 5th 2012
Author: pam4505
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My grandmother was adopted by Antoine and his wife Carmel. Antoine was the brother of joseph that founded St. Joseph. My family is decendents of Marina Anaya and Amanda Barada. Im trying to find out...
Last Post: Sep 3rd 2011
Author: oliviadee80204
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In Search of my Robidoux Ancestors
My great-grandmother Marie Robidoux, married Joseph Forcier in Woonsocket Rhode Island on Oct. 22, 1877. I think she was born in Woonsocket,circa 1857 but the R.I. Archives can find no record of the...
Last Post: Feb 27th 2011
Author: Jeanne
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My Robideau Family
I sure would love to see pictures of my Robidou family
Most of the current line lived in and died in Worcester MA

Great Grandfather Charles Edouard Robidou baptised in St David...
Last Post: Feb 23rd 2011
Author: Diana
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Millie Rabedew
Millie Rabedew is burried in Greenwood Cemetery, Red Cliff, Eagle County, Colorado. There is no date of her death on record with the cemetery. There is a possibility that she was married to William...
Last Post: Aug 29th 2010
Author: jclaire
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Hello: My great great grandmother, Mary (1842/3-1923) was raised, at least, by Hiram Boomhower and Elizabeth Tougas of Stanbridge, then Wisconsin. Her death certificate, however, lists her father...
Last Post: Aug 23rd 2010
Author: birk
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NortherNY, Vermont, & Quebec Robidoux/Rabidoux Line
Hello Friends. Am seeking parents of Emmanuel Robidaux who m. M.Marie Soulard who was chr. 6-18-1813 in St. Augustine, Portneuf Co., Quebec, Quebec. Their children may have been: Aglae, Edward...
Last Post: Jul 11th 2010
Author: yakkwak
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trying to verify my lineage
Per the family tree here on the website, I can't verify a direct link through Charles Robidoux. His marriage/descendants aren't listed. If anyone has any info to offer that can cement this connection...
Last Post: Jun 21st 2010
Author: chrissys880
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St. Constant Robideaux's
Hi cousins, I'm new on the website. I lOved the picture on of the cousins put in the photo album of Maglorie Robideaux (I am his gr, gr granddaughter) Does anyone have a pic of his wife Madeleine...
Last Post: Apr 26th 2010
Author: krissy5
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Decendants of Louis Rubidoux
My name is Scott Rubidoux and I have never met another Rubidoux other than my dad. any info or family would be nice to find
Last Post: Jan 23rd 2010
Author: srubidoux
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maglorie robideaux
Hi, does anyone know where magloire robideaux is buried? I know he died at the "old solider home" in MN but I cant find burial info.
Last Post: Dec 14th 2009
Author: krissy5
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louis b robideau
i have been hunting for while found your website wondering if anyone nows this man and if he is part of any ones tree he was born in 1843 ? he married isabelle gosselin in vermont in 1857
Last Post: Nov 14th 2009
Author: kathynjim
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Alphonse Robidoux
As promised to Kim I am posting my family.

Narceisse Robidoux and Angele Laplante parents of

Alphonse Robidoux m. Marguerite Gagnier
Last Post: Feb 16th 2009
Author: Diana
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Sophie Robideau - DOB March 1876
Hello, I have been very fortunate the past two days locating one record for my husband's father (Harry DeRosier DOB Jan 1899 Massachusetts) & his parents, (Ovila DeRosier DOB Jan 1870 born in...
Last Post: Oct 28th 2008
Author: dderosier
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My Michigan Cousins
I am looking for Rabidaeu cousins who are the sons and daughters of Tom Rabideau and Laura Rabideau one child was named Brian. My mother was Joan Rabideau and Tom was her brother as was Richard...
Last Post: Sep 30th 2008
Author: marymsteele
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I am still looking for a picture of Maglorie's first wife, Magdelien (sp). Does anyone know of one?
Last Post: Sep 14th 2008
Author: krissy5
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Genealogy Help
I recently discovered that my grandmother may have been a member of the Louis Robidoux line. Her mother and father were Alonzo Romo and Apolonia Trujillo. They are both buried at the AguaMansa...
Last Post: Apr 7th 2008
Author: Jerry
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Am I a Robidou?
My family name "Robedee" originates with a Charles Robedee in Long Island, NY born about 1774. We have a complete family tree down from him, but could never take it further. Evidence points to his...
Last Post: Nov 21st 2007
Author: wrobedee
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Family mystery
I have been trying for sometime to find out how my great grandmother is related to the Rabideau family.She was born in Michigan in 1886 to Mary Jarvis and James Bodie,but somehow the name Rabideau is...
Last Post: Nov 21st 2007
Author: winnarae
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