Robidoux Row, 2002.
Robidoux Row, 2002.
In 1998, the St Joseph Historical Society decided to hold a Robidoux Reunion in honour of the founder of the city, Joseph Robidoux.

Since then, Robidoux descendants have returned three times for reunions hosted by the Historical Society. Having been to two of them, they were always fun and the staff of the Historical Society were very gracious!  As Robidoux's, we  were also warmly welcomed by area residents as well which was a nice surprise!

The museum is currently housed in the remaining units of what was originally Joseph Robidoux's "apartments" for settlers stopping over on their way further  west.  After his wife's death Joseph himself moved into one of the units, where he  lived until he died in May of 1868.

Anyone who has the opportunity to visit Missouri should take some time to visit the museum.  The staff is always pleased to see some of Joseph's family stop in for a vist! If your not a direct descendant, they'll still be happy to give a Robidoux a tour!

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