Hello Cousins!!

Well, the Winnipeg Reunion is over, and was a great success! It is now time to determine when and where we want to go next! We are picking a US state to visit, and I had Colorado in mind - Colorado Springs actuallyi. I've been there, it's great to visit and there is alot for visiting people to see and do. Plus, there is also some Robidoux family history that occurred there! Not to mention, there are quite a few cousins in the area who have not had the pleasure of attending and meeting our very large family! This would be our first time in Colorado.

Now at some point, I would also like to revisit St Joseph, Missouri. We always have a great time there, so that can be another option as well, unless we want to keep trying new locations for our reunions.

So, please take our poll and let us know. The only other question is, do we want to do this is 2013 or 2014?

1) What is our next reunion site?
Colorado Springs, Colorado
St Joseph, Missouri,
2) Should it be in 2013 or 2014?